How It Works

So you’re ready to make your group hum! Good decision.

We recommend you email each member separately and let them know an invite is coming. It’s so easy for unfamiliar mail to get overlooked or placed in a spam folder. And we know you want your group to get off on the right foot! In your email make sure you let each prospective member know to be on the lookout for an invite from Groupizy.

Next, click “Start a Group” in the top-bar navigation bar. A page will open that will prompt you through the process of creating an account in Groupizy and setting up your group. After your group is setup you will invite prospective members to join. They will be expecting your invitation!

After on-boarding your members, you are ready to GO!  Start using the integrated set of modules designed around what groups do: Communicating, Discussing, Decision Making, Scheduling Events, Coordinating Resources, and archiving important docs and images. Your group may even want to Promote your group so others can join.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Communication: Messaging

    Sounds basic, but a lot of groups simply don’t do it well. Groupizy removes the barriers to group communication by keeping all your group communications in a single place. Members can send emails without knowing the email addresses of the recipients. Simply go to the MESSAGES module, create your message and select the recipients from among your members.

  • Communication: Newsboard.

    It is your group’s own personal forum for posting group-related info without the clutter of third-party interference, it’s just for you and your group members. Whether it’s to keep the conversation going after the meetup, share thoughts on a topic or quickly distribute info to the group the NEWSBOARD is for your group. It’s your group’s safe place to share.

  • Scheduling & Coordination.

    Scheduling group events and coordinating resources and activities to make the event successful go hand in hand so Groupizy allows you to schedule an event on the group CALENDAR and link to it a LIST of to-do items for member sign up. The LIST module helps you create lists, assign tasks, either assign these items to other members or have them volunteer, then track the status with due dates. Groupizy is both easy and powerful without the complicated clutter of other apps.

  • Decision Making.

    Need a group decision by a certain date? No problem! Groupizy’s DECISIONS module allows you to create a survey, share it with your members and view interim results, even see who has responded and who has not. You’ll be able to view interim results, see who has responded.

  • Document Repository and Galleries

    Our centralized storage enhances collaboration. Why? With Groupizy you store all group documents and images in a centralized location accessible by group members. Group documents are no longer stored on member hard drives or attached to emails.

  • Membership

    Centralized access to member contact info. An important note here: Members decide what contact info they wish to share – it can be as little as their group user name or as much as their actual name, email, phone, address, etc. All member info in one place and easily downloadable too! 

  • Group Home Page: Promotion

    Each group has their own group home page they may share with the public to promote their group and its events. No need to hire a web designer for your group web page and all the complications that go with that.

Stop trying to manage, admin or facilitate your group or groups with email or a bunch of different apps, get Groupizy and get your life back. Click here to start now.