1. Getting a Group Started (Group Administrator)

There are four types of choices to make when a Group is Starting up.

1) User Name for Group

The administrator will need to choose the user name by which they will be identified to the group. This can be different for each group to which they belong.

2) Group Privacy Settings
  1. Designate your group as PUBLIC or PRIVATE.
    • If your group wants to be found in public searches, answer YES to the question (PUBLIC).
    • If your group wants to be known only to its members, answer N0 to public searches (PRIVATE)
  2. Designate your group as OPEN or LIMITED.
    • If your group is available for anyone to join, answer NO to receiving new member requests. (OPEN)
    • If your group wants to control who joins, the administrator receives all new member requests (they are accepted or denied). Answer YES to the question. (LIMITED)
3) Group Identification
  1. Your group description will be on the group landing page, so craft your description to reflex who the group is, its purpose, goals etc.
  2. Category and demographic information will help promote your group if it is PUBLIC.
  3. If your group is virtual, check the box indicating web-based only. Do not enter a postal code (zip code) for location.
  4. Add tags so your group can be found in searches. (If you are a soccer club, tag your group as ‘athletics’, ‘intermurals’, ‘sports team’, ‘football’, etc.)
  5. If your group wants to allow sharing of NEWSBOARD posts to Facebook, answer YES to the question.
4) Accepting Terms and Conditions
  1. Read and accept Terms and Conditions.
  2. This will need to be shared with the Group members when they on-board. (Posting to the NEWSBOARD is a great way to do this!)

Begin by clicking START A GROUP from the menu on the mobile or the breadcrumbs at the top / bottom of your screen. There are 3 types of information on the START A GROUP screen. (NOTE: See Choices for Starting Groups FAQ)

1) Set up Main information

a. Group photo (optional and can be done at later date)

b. Group name (required)

c. URL customization – will default to appending the group name

d. Description of the group (required)

e. Your user name that the group will call you

2) Set up Group Privacy Settings

a. Specify your group as public or private

b. Specify your group as open or verified

3) Provide some group specific info

a. The nature of the group

b. Specify whether to allow Facebook sharing of Newsboard Posts

NOTE: Checking the box for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

is required in order to Create the Group. Click the Create button and your Group is ready for members!

There are several next steps to consider after Starting your Group and Setting up your Payment. Keep in mind, these can be done in parallel to on-boarding members. (See FAQ;  FAQ available after LOG IN)

1) Set up meeting schedule in the CALENDAR
  1. Go to CALENDAR on the left navigation bar.
  2. Set up events and meetings. Take advantage of Recurring calendar events to set up regularly scheduled meetings. (See CALENDAR FAQ for details…)
  3. Set up reminders to notify members.
  4. Decide whether to use the sign-up feature as a tool to gauge how many people plan to attend.
    • If “Sign-up” will be used, be sure to let members know the expection.
  1. Go to GALLERIES on the left navigation bar.
  2. If your group will use GALLERIES for pictures and images, decide whether the folder names will be event-driven or date-driven. (See GALLERIES FAQ for details…)
  3. Go ahead and set up some GALLERIES as examples… the Group will take care of the rest!
3) Set up folders in DOCUMENTS
  1. Go to DOCUMENTS on the left navigation bar.
  2. If your group will use DOCUMENTS, decide the overall structure of the folders. Consider Minutes, Agendas, Finances, Archives etc. (See DOCUMENTS FAQ for details…)
  3. Set up some folders to start and the Group will refine them over time.
4) Set up LISTS
  1. Go to LISTS on the left navigation bar.
  2. If your group has persistent lists (Action Items, Repeatable sets of tasks, etc), these can be set up before the event scheduling and attached to the calendar events. (See LISTS FAQ for details…)
  2. Select the Payment Info tab.

It is easy to FIND A GROUP that is PUBLIC. This means that they will show up is searches. There are 2 pieces of criteria that can be used to find a group.

1) Enter Group Name or words describing the group (e.g. if the group is a book club, words like ‘readers,’ or ‘books’)

2) Enter location information

a. indicate that you would like the location to be used as part of your search

b. specify the size of the search radius in miles

c. Enter the zip code or city/state as the focus of the search.

NOTE: If a group is designated as PRIVATE, it will not show up in the search. If you are interested in the group, contact someone in the group and asked for the group administrator to invite you!

2. On-boarding Group Members (Group Administrator)

On-boarding members to a group is an easy process with four steps:

1) Collect email addresses

a. Chances are you already have your groups email address somewhere! Verify that you have everyone’s current email.

b. Put them in a file with each email separated by a comma or a space. An Excel file works great with each email in a separate cell.

2) Send out the Pre-Invitation Email  (See Pre-Invite Email Template) 

a. This is an email that is sent to the group (from the Administrator’s email), telling them what’s going on…

b. There are several important pieces to this email:

  • Affirming the decision for the group to move to Groupizy as a group support platform with the group name
  • Letting them know they will be receiving an invitation to join the group from Groupizy within X days.
  • If they don’t see the email, they need to check their SPAM/JUNK MAIL folders.
  • When they sign up for Groupizy and come into the group, they need to update their ACCOUNT SETTINGS.
  • If people only want to get emails (NEWSBOARD items and NOTIFICATIONS), they can choose to remain a LIMITED MEMBER.

3) Invite Group Members to join Groupizy

a. Go to MY GROUPS

b. Go to Manage Group Members

c. Select tab to Invite Members

d. Copy current emails from file constructed in step 1).

e. Paste the emails into the window and select Validate. (Correct any errors)

f. Send the invitations.

4) Monitor Group Membership and ensure everyone is coming to the party!

a. Monitor Group Invites Tab in Manage Group Membership. This will tell you how many outstanding invites you have.

b. Once most of your group is on, use the NEWSBOARD to welcome and communicate.

c. Remind everyone that the NEWSBOARD is for general communication and dialogue.

d. COMMUNICATIONS is for contacting specific people

e. Remind people to look at the CALENDAR.

f. Ensure that everyone uploads any group documents to the proper folder in DOCUMENTS.

g. Once the group decides what information they would like to share with each other, make recommendations for the updates in ACCOUNT SETTINGS. (See Information Sharing with our Group Template)

There are several common mis-steps with on-boarding…

1) Yahoo email accounts will often get queued up and never sent to a mailbox.
  1. The most straightforward solution is for someone to give you another email address. (They are most likely aware of the issues with Yahoo and have other options…)
  2. Another option is to cancel the email and resend the invite. Sometimes it will work on a second try.
  3. Contact Groupizy support.
2) People who sign up as limited members forget they do not have privilege to vote in surveys, etc.
  1. Remind them they can join as a FULL member anytime they wish.
  2. The invite to join as a full member is on each communication they receive.

Consider customizing the template and then saving as a pdf. It can then be attached to the NEWSBOARD for all members to see. Alternatively, you can email it as an attachment through MESSAGES.


Hello Friends!

We are well on our way to great group-ing!

Groupizy allows us to share our contact information with each other. We would like to ask everyone to share the following data:

a. Full Name

b. Address (NOTE: this will only be shared in the member list download)

c. Cell phone

d. Birth day (mm/dd)

e. Photo

f. Email.


This is an easy 2-step process.


a. Click in the area of your name/user name and a drop-down will allow you the option to go into ACCOUNT SETTINGS.


b. There are several tabs in the ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Select the Contact Info Tab.

2) Allow group to see requested info


a. Scroll down to the Group-level Privacy Settings.

b. Select the fields to share. (Remember it is still your choice!)

c. Be sure to click Save!

We are excited to get everyone on-board and will help in any way possible. 

Your group Administrator is <Admin name>.

If you have technical issues, please email the Groupizy Team at contactus@groupizy.com.

Thank you in advance!

Hello Friends!

<Group Name> has made a decision to use a group management platform called GROUPIZY. Groupizy provides a secure set of tools to help us manage our calendar, our files, and most importantly provide us with a mechanism for information sharing outside of our meetings.

If you are currently a participating member and we have your email, you will be receiving an email to join <Group Name> on GROUPIZY! 

This is how it will work:

1) You will receive an email inviting you to the <Group Name> group.

NOTE: If you do not get the email from GROUPIZY, check your spam folder.

You will see the 3 options above.  Click the link to accept the invitation.

2) You will be prompted to create an account:

First & last name are required during set-up, however, NO ONE can view this information.

Create a password, complete the Catcha and click Sign-up.

You are almost done!

 3) You will be prompted to create a user name

This is the name that the members of the group will use to identify you.

(NOTE: you will use your name/email for your GROUPIZY account (only 1). You will then have a user name for each group in which you are a member.

Select to Join and you are in! You will be dropped into the NEWSBOARD of your group.

We are excited to get everyone on-board and will help in any way possible. 

Your group Administrator is <Admin name>.

If you have technical issues, please email the Groupizy Team at contactus@groupizy.com.

Thanks in advance

3. Best Practices for "Grouping"

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