Groupizy makes Groups with rotating memberships easy!

Are you the Chairman of membership for your school’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) or some flavor of that?  Are you fed up with trying to figure out whose kids graduated (so they will not return), who is new (and will be there for the next X years), and who is staying and does not need to be added to the membership list, you just need to catch up with them to get their dues?

Groupizy makes this easy!

Groupizy provides the tools to know:

  • when members joined
  • when they last were active on the site
  • how to on-board new members easily
  • how engaged new members are
  • how to manage returning members.

Groupizy is here for you!

Welcome to Groupizy’s Blog, a place for practical advice and thought leadership on group facilitation.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Are you struggling to coordinate activities for a group?
  • Are you facilitating or acting as the admin for multiple groups?
  • Tired of trying to manage a group using email?
  • Are you leery of using group tools on social networking sites who sell your data?
  • Don’t know where all your group’s documents are located?
  • Now that you have had a meetup do you know how to transition to a persistent, cohesive group?
  • Are you a group admin rock star but super busy and need to get hours back?
  • Do you continue to be the admin for a group because know one else wants your role?

you are in the right place.  Stay tuned for upcoming insights into group facilitation and how Groupizy can make your group hum while saving you precious time. Groupizy is here for you!