About Us...

Groupizy is a web-based application to help groups, clubs, organizations etc do what groups of individuals with a shared interest do: communicate, schedule, organize and perform, and make decisions while also storing important artifacts such as documents and images. Groupizy makes groups easy.

We are all about connecting people into community.

We’ve always been active in our community–

Whether it’s planning school initiatives, working on local church projects, participating in car clubs and youth sport’s activities, or setting meet-ups for our yoga friends.  Engaging with the people in these circles has added so much value to our lives!

And here is the rub… there were always logistical problems with “grouping.”  Emails scattered about, documents and photos stored in multiple places, poor communication, coordination funkiness, signup lists on one app, surveys on another, and the list goes on. Decision-making was like trying to herd cats. Hours of valuable time were wasted and feelings were hurt when someone was inadvertently left off an email. All too often a group’s initial enthusiasm became mired in the churn…

Our Mission:  Enable groups of people/communities to thrive over time utilizing a user-friendly, group-centric platform.

So we designed Groupizy—a platform that centralizes and simplifies the functions of group management.  The ‘scatter’ inherent in using multiple tools is gone.  Communications, calendar, surveys, documents, lists are all in one place, and everyone can find it!  Groupizy takes care of the housekeeping!  Now groups can focus on their goals in a drama-free space.

Groups thrive in different ways.  Different types of groups have different needs.  Some are private, and some are public.  Some are open and some have a restricted membership.

Group management lets community flourish
Some Groups bond naturally. Some need a little help

 Regardless, each group has its own home page for promoting the group.  Our commitment to data privacy means we do not sell individual or group data.  Each group and each individual decide what they share with each other and the public.

In short, we created a robust, easy-to-use platform that helps you connect with people who share your interests and goals. And we did it with integrity. Since we do not sell your data or bombard you with advertisements we have a value-based subscription plan to accommodate groups of all sizes and types.

Share your passion, keep your time.   Reach out with your thoughts, suggestions or questions.

The Tribe at Groupizy