About Us

We make groups hum.

We’ve always been active in our community– whether it’s organizing a group around a municipal issue, planning school initiatives, working on local church projects, participating in car clubs and youth sport’s activities or setting meet-ups for our yoga friends.  Engaging with these groups has added so much value to our lives!

But there were always logistical problems with “grouping.”  Emails scattered about, documents and photos stored in multiple places, poor communication, coordination funkiness, signup lists on one app, surveys on another, and the list goes on. Decision-making was like trying to herd cats. Hours of valuable time were wasted, feelings were hurt when someone was inadvertently left off an email and the group’s initial enthusiasm got mired in the churn.

How many times have you been to an inspiring kick-off meeting or event, only to see interest fizzle due to a lack of coordination and/or leadership?

So we designed Groupizy—a platform that makes groups easier to navigate, easier to enjoy. We added features we thought were missing from other group platforms—surveys and to-do lists—as well as the group features we all expect: newsboard, communications, calendar, galleries, and documents. And we encrypted all the information so that everything you share is private and not mined for data and sold to third parties. (Can I get an amen?)

In short, we created a robust, easy to use platform that helps you connect with people who share your interests and goals. It even protects anonymity for 12-step and other anonymity groups. It’s simple to use, not overwhelming or complicated by seldom-used features. And we did it with integrity. Since we do not sell your data or bombard you with advertisements we have a simple, value-based subscription plan to accommodate groups of all sizes and types.

If you’re already a rock-star facilitator, Groupizy gives you the tools to save time and work effectively. If you’re not a rock-star facilitator yet, Groupizy will make you one. We’re here to help you make your groups hum!

Take a look around. Reach out if you have suggestions. Namaste.

The Tribe at Groupizy