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The Group Management solution for all types of groups

Share your passion, keep your time!

Why Groupizy

  • Does your group suffer from ‘scatter,’ where documents are spread across PCs and Inboxes?
  • Do you spend more time controlling the chaos of email lists, sign-ups, etc than achieving the goals of the group?
  • Do you have 5 logins for every group you are in?
  • Does your group need a space of their own, where they manage their stuff and how it is shared?
  • How cool would it be to have a FREE webpage to promote your group and publish out events?

Groupizy is a centralized, simplified set of group management tools designed to reduce churn and allow a group to focus on their purpose!

Who It's For

If you are a group, a community or a tribe leader who facilitates one or more groups, you will love Groupizy.  Groupizy was designed specifically for groups, so it totally streamlines group-related tasks. The ‘home page’ for each group is a sharable webpage that allows you promote your group and publicize your events (or not). Groupizy makes “grouping” easy so members can focus on the purpose and relationships that brought them together in the first place.

Groupizy Is Designed For All Kinds of Groups


Civic organizations
Professional Groups


Car Clubs
Athletic Booster Clubs
Book clubs
Dinner Clubs
Any Clubs!


Small businesses
Decentralized business


Sports Teams
Response Teams
Missions Teams
Community Impact Teams


Family (Reunions)
Political Action
Recovery Groups

How It Works

(1) Start your Group!

  • Sign-up with Groupizy and set up your Group
  • Simple workflow walks you through
  • Groups with up to 7 members are always FREE!
  • Group leaders are invited to join the Leadership Collaborative FREE!

(2) On-board Group Members

  • Simple workflow walks you through
  • Notify members that an invitation is on the way
  • Send out the invitations! (Templates available)
  • On-boarding completes when members sign-up
  • Simple workflow walks them through!

(3) Start Grouping!

  • It is really that easy! 
  • The Newsboard connects people instantly
  • The Calendar and Lists clarify upcoming gatherings
  • Consolidate and organize photos and documents 
  • Now you can focus on the things that really matter!

The toolbox

What our Leaders Love about Groupizy ...

Groupizy is a web-based application to help groups, clubs, organizations etc do what groups of individuals with a shared interest do: communicate, schedule, organize and perform, and make decisions while also storing important artifacts such as documents and images. Groupizy makes groups easy.

Share your passion,

Keep your time!

All the tools you need to connect people into community. Effectively, efficiently, affordably.

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